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Are you also bothered by the problem of falling hair ??, then adopt this home remedy.


Are you also bothered by the problem of falling hair ??, then adopt this home remedy.

Her hair is also very important in the beauty of a person's face. Even a normal face looks attractive because of a good hairstyle. But nowadays the problem of hair loss has robbed people of their facial charm. Most people today suffer from rapid hair loss. There are many products being sold in the market that claim to eliminate the problem of hair loss and people in their puffs also use different types of shampoos and oils to get rid of the problem of hair loss. But the use of all these chemicals proves to be more harmful to the hair and the hair starts to fall out more instead of stopping. In such cases, it is better that instead of these dangerous chemicals, we should use some home remedies as such prescriptions are effective and not even harmful. Today we are going to tell you about some such remedies to get rid of hair loss questions.

Mehndi is a home remedy for hair. Use it not only to stop your hair from falling out but your hair can be more attractive than before. To use it, soak henna powder in water at night and mix the eggs well in it in the morning. Then apply this mixture to the hair. Let it dry for 2 to 3 hours and then wash the hair thoroughly. You can also use shampoo to wash your hair if you wish. In this way, the use of henna will get rid of the problem of hair loss soon.

However coconut oil and olive oil are also beneficial for hair. But olive oil is effective for getting rid of hair problem. This strengthens the hair by massaging the scalp. To use it, you mix a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in hot olive oil and leave it in the hair for about 15 minutes. Then wash the head.

A mixture of besan and yoghurt can also be used to get rid of hair loss. For this you take fresh yoghurt in a bowl and mix 3 to 4 teaspoons of chana flour in it. Prepare a mixture of both and let it dry in the hair for 15 minutes. This will gradually reduce your hair loss problem and at the same time your hair will become shiny.

Dandruff also causes hair loss. So if you want to get out of hair problem then you have to get rid of hair dandruff and raw papaya paste is effective for this. You have to apply raw papaya paste for at least 15 to 20 minutes. So that both your dandruff problem and hairfall will go away. 

 All these measures are effective for getting rid of hair problem. But using it, you have to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. For example, you have to get rid of unnecessary stress because stress is one of the main causes of hair problem and by controlling stress, hair problem can be relatively avoided. Second, you also need to change your diet and adopt a nutritious diet instead of spicy foods so that the hair gets proper nutrition. Along with this, you will also have to do some exercises that will allow proper blood flow to your scalp so that your hair problem will go away quickly.


Drink this juice by dipping these three things in warm water before going to bed, a lot of reduction in belly fat will be seen overnight.


Drink this juice by dipping these three things in warm water before going to bed, a lot of reduction in belly fat will be seen overnight.

Most people today are troubled by the problem of obesity. Everyone wants to look fit and beautiful. But obesity is like a spot on their beauty. Obesity tends to look ugly even in the best of people. The problem of obesity is found in most people. Nowadays people have become more dependent on outside diet due to lack of time.

Eating out also increases the body

A person becomes obese quickly due to the high oil content in the diet. Don't worry if you also suffer from obesity. Today we are going to tell you about such a miraculous juice, drinking a glass every day will make you thin in a few days.

You have to use this miracle. Actually we are talking about cucumber juice. It cleans your stomach and also does not increase the amount of fat in your body. It is low in calories. Which helps to make you slimmer.

Ingredients for making juice

   👉  2 cucumbers,
   👉  2 tablespoons lemon juice,
   👉  A small piece of ginger,
   👉  2 teaspoons sugar,
   👉 A tablespoon roasted cumin powder,
   👉 Mint leaves,
   👉 Salt to taste


First wash the cucumber into small pieces. Put it in the juicer without peeling it. Add ginger and mint leaves and squeeze the juice. Add sugar, lemon juice, cumin powder and salt and mix well. Now your juice is ready for use. You can drink this juice before bedtime. In a few days your protruding stomach will slowly go inside.

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Get rid of acne on your back forever, this is a very simple remedy, adopt it today


Get rid of acne on your back forever, this is a very simple remedy, adopt it today

Tiny spots or pimples seen on the back work to spoil the beauty behind the back. Acne can also be treated with a number of creams and home remedies. If you have frequent acne on your face and body, you should change your diet. You can get help from this problem by following proper diet. Research has shown that carbohydrate-rich foods should be eaten sparingly to eliminate acne. In addition, you can include green vegetables and fruits in your diet. So here are some important causes of acne and some remedies to get rid of it.

- Drink as much water as possible during the day. Water removes some skin problems with health. So one should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

- Cucumber is considered very useful and beneficial for the skin. You can grate the cucumber and massage it on your back. Apply this paste and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rinse your face thoroughly with clean water.

- Apart from this milk makes the skin behind the back very smooth and smooth. Applying milk on the back
Put. Let stand until it dries. Then rub the back thoroughly. Doing so not only removes the problem of rash and acne but also removes the scar.

- Apart from that you can consume curry and milk juice without sugar. Karela is also considered special for health as well as beauty. This will help you to get rid of acne permanently.

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Not a single lizard can be seen in the house, just do this little remedy


Not a single lizard can be seen in the house, just do this little remedy

The arrival of lizards usually increases indoors when the summer season begins. Yes, although lizards are not seen in the house during the winter season, summer season is their favorite season. Perhaps this is the reason why lizards go out most of the summer season. In such a situation, we try many ways to get the lizard out of the house.

Getting rid of lizards this way

Now it is clear that there are lizards in the house where there are small children. Apart from this, young women and girls are also very scared when they see a lizard and if the lizard is around them, they are unable to pay attention to anything else. In this case, we will tell you some simple ways to try and keep your home safe from lizards.

Best ways to get rid of lizards:

Pepper spray: Let's say this spray is very easy to make. Yes, to make this spray, you just have to mix black pepper powder with water. Just pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray in every corner of the house where lizards appear. However, before using it, shake it well and then sprinkle it on different parts of the house. The lizard will run away from the house because of its smell.

Garlic and onions: Both of these are now used to flavor food, but can also get rid of lizards. Mix onion juice and water in a spray bottle according to this method. Then add a few drops of garlic juice, stir well and mix. Now sprinkle it in the corner of the house where lizards are most visible. You can also keep a clove of garlic if you want. Indeed both onion and garlic have a pungent odor and the lizard escapes with its smell.

See cold water and phenyl tablets:

Ice cold water: Although you use ice cold water every day during the summer season but did you know that this cold ice water is very helpful in removing lizards. Really cold weather is not conducive for lizards to live and that is why they do not go out in the winter season. So if cold ice water is sprinkled on them, they immediately flee the place. Sprinkle ice cold water wherever you see a lizard and do so continuously for several days. This lizard will run away from your home.

Phenyl: You use phenyl tablets to protect clothes from worms. Just where you see a lizard, put two tablets of phenyl. The remarkable thing is that the lizard will move away from the house because of its smell.

Easy Desk Organizer Ideas, its help you

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