Beautiful flower of corrugated tape

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Dear friends, our site has collected quite a few interesting works of our dear masters. Today I want to show you another interesting micron fabrication petal pleated ribbon , authored by Alain Vakhrusheva.
For manufacturing petal we need:
* Crepe tape. 
* pins. Scissors. 
* Tweezers. 
* Candle or lighter.

A method of manufacturing:
Take corrugated tape, width can be any of it and do blanks lobe ratio of length to width ratio of 2:1. In this master class, Allen used a tape width of 12 cm so harvesting is 12cm. 6 cm
Now we add our blanks from the edge to the center as shown in the photo.

 If the tape slides, you can chop off the pins.

Next, we need to lay down again.

Now shear pin together as shown in the photo (this is the place circled an oval) to the work piece is not broke.

Now you need to wrap the edge of the petal back and we should get like this.
next you need to clamp forceps, cut and fuse the edge.

Here we ready petal of gofrirovannoylenty.

It looks like our side petal

 From ready petals can make a very pretty flower.

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