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you need 
  • - Two A4 colored paper (grammage 90-120g)
  • - The pinking shears tiles (yes I love those)
  • - Scissors,
  • - A knife or scalpel,
  • - A cutting board,
  • - A little glue,
  • - A rule or reglet,
  • print this image

Start by printing patterns on your colored leaves.

cut the knife or scalpel domestic diamond cutting before anything else, it's easier and it avoids you to distort your paper during this step. There are a total of 200 diamonds, so to save time, cut by grouping parallel lines. You'll save time with the least turn your blade and your sheet, save yourself by simplifying the maximum move. If you really do not have the patience, or you want to do it DIY with a child, do not cut these diamonds, let them printed. The Eiffel Tower will be less light pace but will still be recognizable. We will now prepare the ground floor of the tower: mark the bend cutter and ruler along the dotted line. This is a step every beast which multiplies by 20 the care of your model.

Cut with scissors following the black lines. This is our ground floor, ready to take the volume!

Fold the dotted lines, glue the tabs, and voila.

Do the same with the other floors of the tower.

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