How to make Flowers From Vitriflore....very nice idea for make various flower

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Not so long ago in our market appeared a miracle – Vitriflore.

 We need:
– A thin wire
– Vitriflore transparent
– Vitriflore vernis (fixer)
– Acrylic or stained glass paint or permanent markers (for coloring)
So, let’s start. Wire frame create artless petal

and immerse it in vitriflore transparent

On the frame appears. Giving drain and send out to dry

When Circuits dry out (and it happens very quickly), are fixed in each 
Completely immersed and give to drain surplus

Again well dry.

Now the leaves, petals can be painted. I used stained glass paint, in order to not lose transparency.

Feel the difference

Flower petals for

After drying on the flower collect

And these petals I painted a full immersion in the petals of each stained glass paint. So they get a little boring – homogeneous.

Be creative and get up !!! Good luck !!!

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