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you have a perfectly personalized glass jar… great for any occasion! Fit for a candle, flower arrangement or anything your heart desires… get your gear and let’s …

  • Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit
  • your choice in color of Martha Stewart’s Craft Paint
  • Krylon Frosted Glass Finish Spray Paint
  • cheap glass jars of any kind
  • regular tape and/or stenciling tape
  • different stickers or labels of any kind!

Clean your paintable glass surface with rubbing alcohol before you start taping and painting! Tape off the area of your glass that won’t be painted with your colored paint…

…using any type of tape, sticker or label that you choose. Press firmly to create a cute relief design!

Get creative with your placement! These jars feel nautical… but yours could be modern or shabby chic!

Using the Martha Stewart Spray Paint Kit, mix the paint and spray medium as directed on the package. Of course you can always use a regular type of spray paint, but this technique is just so much fun! Spray your glassware as desired… in a safe area, like my backyard!

If you need to turn, touch the taped areas…

Wait only like 5 to 10 minutes before carefully removing the tape. Removing it before the paint dries completely will help prevent paint from lifting off the glass.

If your paint does lift off… use a paintbrush to touch up before you add the frosted layer.

After the first coat of colored paint is completely dry, then spray on the Frosted Glass Finish… this is my favorite part! I sprayed three light coats onto the jars. When this paint is wet, it looks wet – it takes like a minute to fog up and then just looks amazing!

So fun… and gives off such a romantic light!!! The frosted look will go perfectly with any color scheme!

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