how to make paper house

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To start cutting the template and follow the good traits and attention to dotted lines, this is a bit tricky if you do not have the right tools, take new cutter blades and all will be well. Next Step: Using your template, trace the contours of the latter on your Canson sheet. Remove the boss, and take your ruler to draw dotted (preferably) all the places that need to be folded (see indications in the file). Cut out the outline of your home and return it to customize it, so here, I chose the stickers into a dotted (monomanique!) But you can draw stripes, hearts, characters (fun!) . Once the finished decoration, back again your house face drawn and start scoop out PVC windows, shutters etc ... I recommend doing this step on a cutting board or if we do not have on a surface that fears nothing and attention your fingers ... with a ruler and a blunt pencil mine strongly iron all the places that will be folded, this action will facilitate the folding and ensure the edges sharper. Return one last time your home and assemble it, a drop of glue on the tabs and basta!

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