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7 Super Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

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 Our skin experiences a lot of stress and damage from the environment. Most of us feel that the skin’s health will be improved by treatment from outside. The face packs and creams can only help to clear your skin from outside. But your skin health will be glowing internally by having good foods only. Treat and nourish your skin with these foods so that you get a naturally glowing skin.
The tomatoes have a compound called Lycopene. This Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that eliminates the skin aging free radicals that would form through ultraviolet exposure. This is what gives the radiant color to the tomatoes. Also it includes the carotenoids that give a healthy glow to your skin. Your skin stays smooth and has a fresh look when you eat these red ones. Tomatoes are a great part of Hungarian food and now you know why Hungarian women are so damn pretty. You can consume the tomatoes in a cooked form to get all its benefits. Your skin gets a sun shielding nutrient when it is heated completely. Not just that, eating the pulp of tomatoes will help to tighten the pores and prevent pimples.
Spinach is highly rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A & B, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. This green leafy vegetable brings the suppleness to your skin and increases the growth of new skin cells. The water in the greens is rich in iron and makes you look plumper and avoids wrinkles on your face.
Sweet Potatoes
Thanks to all the carotenoids, Vitamin C and antioxidants present in the sweet potatoes that makes your skin glowing. These orange tubers are packed in the collagen producing materials. Collagen is very much essential to bring a great strength, firmness and flexibility in your skin. Take bright pumpkins that greatly benefit your skin. You can prepare many dishes including pies, salads and purees using pumpkins.
 The Vitamin B and amino acids are greatly rich in Walnuts that act as a natural anti aging tool for your skin. The walnut oil is great moisturizer to your skin as well. If you do not like to consume the walnuts alone, you can toss them on any salad or prepare a taco with other veggies and eat them. You will get a wonderful smooth skin and bright eyes by having this food as it is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
Wild Salmon
Eat a salmon which is not raised in the farm. The wild salmon are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that make your skin supple and moist. The Selenium which is present in Salmon protects your skin from sun exposure.  It is also another source of Vitamin D other than the sun. The Vitamin D helps to strengthen your skin texture and gives a fair complexion.
Bell peppers
The Vitamin C present in bell peppers make you look youthful. You can prepare as many dishes as you like using the bell peppers. The colored bell peppers like yellow and the red ones are really fantastic for your skin. This promotes a great healthy skin and hence it should be incorporated in your daily diet.
The pomegranates are abundant in the tannins and vitamins. They promote a smooth and glowing skin that is free from wrinkles and fine lines. You can enjoy pomegranate in your salad or preparing the juice out of it. As it is highly rich in iron, they give suppleness and firmness to your skin.
These super seven foods for your skin help to remove the toxins from your body. Your skin holds a lot of moisture when you intake the fruits and there in good hydration. Remember your skin is not just for appearance, it also protects every single part of your body. So take great care of your skin and stay healthy inside out.

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