How to make Beautiful flower With Strawberry from satin ribbon

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So will need to :-
- satin ribbons 2.5 cm of red, yellow, white and green colors. I have a red ribbon width of 5 cm can be used for berries tape of 2.5 cm while the berries are slightly smaller, but you can see 5 -. Then you can make the berries of different sizes.
- Thread of white, yellow and green colors. In the picture are still the red thread, but you can do without them.
- Lighter or candle (candle burn more convenient)
- yellow pearl beads
- tweezers, scissors, needle
- sintepon
-shnur green (you can use a light-colored cord pre-painted it with acrylic paint the right shade of green)
- or felt like I rag for cleaning green and white can be the color of the lace
- white lace
- gum, a hairpin or brooch mount
- hot glue

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