How To Make Bonsai With A Burning Candle

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To create a crown, we need:
  • scissors,
  • wire (thin),
  • Glue (I have this latex),  
  • Thread the floss.

 Take the wire, cut 3 pieces of about 15 cm, can be a little less, and is twisted twice each

Next,  take skin, cut off a piece of 15 cm, and further each time another half 3 times to become a thread length of 2 cm

 Next,  take  wire, glue, some threads of our shorties, (here it is possible to look at pyshnote, that much time for a lot of threads on one wire is difficult to paste, so take mediocre), and begin to stick to the tip of the wire, as it gradually twisting your fingers on the edge, it turns out that’s a beam of:

make two more beam, and then all three twisted together:

These branches can unite in 2 – 3, whichever pomp want to achieve (the excess, if sticks, scissors shave, ):

Done more branches, you can proceed to the trunk. At the base of taking the wire and attach a thicker twigs, arch …. 

 Wrapped with tape, and then used teip feed:

Above  daubed with plaster, making Bonsai chik on the trunk, and then to give greater relief decided to try to block the paste

Once dry, paint the trunk, reveal the top varnish, and do the foundation. Stones, epoxy glue …

That’s close, but you decide to make a type of candlestick and stones laid out a place for a candle-pill

 Above around the base – sisal, plus  added the type of twine fence …

Stock candles:

View from above

Well, Bonsai with a burning candle:


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