How To Make Cone-style bouquet beautiful

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- A 2-sided pattern color cover
- Paper round white decoration
- Foam flower
- Wire ribbons
- White ruffled leather belt (can be replaced with small paper or fabric chiffon halter thin)

- Confetti

Step 1:
- First, you cut sheets of colored paper into one rectangular, arbitrary size. Next, slice pie decorated paper plate.

Step 2:
- Scroll pad into rectangular shaped ice cream cone, then paste it fixed again.

Step 3:
- Cut the foam block round-bottomed cylinder placed inside large and small ice cream cone shells to flower.

Step 4:
- You fixed paste blocks of foam inside the shell cream cone paper

Step 5:
- Put the rope on the block ruffled evening foam, cut ribbons as decorative ribbon glued outer shell cream cone.
- At the same time, you fold decorative stickers half white circle on the mouth cream cone shells for decoration

 Step 6:
- Finally, you plug tulips decorated ice cream cone inside the shell is finished.

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