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How to make Decorating a wall clock with the help of jute ropes

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They will need: 

-dzhutovaya rope at least two different colors; 
-kley Titan; 
-kley PVA; 
-Small scissors; 
-businki (the number – randomly) color – can be repainted

First, prepare the leaves. Spread on file with the help of needles (and your own nails). The size of leaves depends on your watch. For my hours length – 7 cm.

Leves do colored. Length – 17 cm.

Such small need for at least 20 pieces. Length 7 cm.

You also need a lace. For my hours – the length of the perimeter of the hours (circle). If missing file length, nadbavit can be, for example, a single package. Just be sure to secure, not to crawl. Do not forget after take off the lace from the file after the glue has dried, remove the excess glue with the help of red-hot needles.

Thus prepared 20 leaves with holes in the middle, 5 tiny (4cm.), 12 small, long pink 6, 4 long two-color, two-color 2 more I got an oversight, but also went into business; and lace fabric.

Beads will be held on the same rope-stalks. Cut the jute rope length of 6 -7 cm, one end dipped in glue Titan, and sharpen your fingers vdevaem in the bead.

Then we coat the leaves from the back side with white glue diluted with water 1: 1, not to the end prosushivaya attach them to the desired shape. And yet – need to cut about 10 pieces of rope 6 -7 cm.

Getting embellishment. First, lay out on a lace’s perimeter. Do not just take large pieces and smeared with glue.

Then, the same lace lay on the perimeter hours.

Then take a strip of lace and glue to the clock that’s so.

On the edge of the watch has a protrusion on it is also possible to lay out the string.

Since the core make out the flower that will be on top of hours.

Here he is, in all its glory. 20 petals enough.

We begin to make out the bottom.

Stems beads must remain under the leaves. In my happiness I had beads of a suitable color. But they can be painted: take vodoemulsionku or PVA glue, drop them in the desired color, or watercolors.

And it is already the middle. Carefully lay out the first long leaves.

Take pieces of jute rope and make of them here are the leaves. Coat with glue the tip of the leaf Titan

And bonded randomly to make it look airy.

And we continue to embellishment

beads Stems need to miss the mark in a few places with glue, so they kept the way you need to.

The core of the flower decorated with additional one more thread of jute, to hide the junction with petals.

I stayed 6 beads I glued them to the side cover hours with one hand.

The figures marked the beads

Now we can say everything. You can hang on the wall.

Well? Like this…. please share with your Friends. Of course the clock can be different. And the color is up to you.

source : stranamasterov

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