How To Make Paper Frock For Fancy Dress Competition

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A4 sheet of paper

Harvesting dresses. Make it possible in any way to your child just the usual dress … one mom even did everything in sequence. I attach all. Those. then someone in that much. 
Fasten the bottom row of petals on the Staple with large paper clips. 
Then … back down on the bottom row of 10 cm and fasten the next row staggered 
Then again 10cm and another series of staggered …… and so on. d, to the top of the skirt

Top is a highly compressed paper. Glued to the bodice of her gor.kleem and formed rosettes zhatye or fancy flowers. There is already allowing fantasy. On top belt tied satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm, the back bow.

Here are sewed perchatochki of guipure. There were pieces of trailing guipure, just come in handy.

Crown. Petals in the same way as a skirt, just sheets to take less of course the size.

And the handbag to a dress, too, made in color. Favorite turquoise.

And now she’s a model. Dress sprinkled with silver glitter paint, ie. it casts serebrom.Na photo certainly does not pass. It’s a pity


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