Make amazing SHMAPOO is a real vitamin BOMB will effect on your HAIR, Try this

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Stress and unhealthy diet or other changes in the body, along with these negative influences, lead to hair loss. Today, we will recommend a natural, but extremely effective shampoo that will help you reduce these consequences, restore the health of your hair and provide its quality.
Only after several times, your hair loss will be significantly reduced, and your hair will be stronger and improved. After a few months of regular use, this shampoo will lead to the growth of new hair, and it will greatly increase its volume.This is how to prepare it:


AD drops, 30 ml(1 fluid oz) of aqueous solution (one vial)
Castor oil 50ml(1.6 fluid oz)
Nettle drops 30 ml(1 fluid oz)
Two ampoules of vitamin B
Panthenol 100 ml(3.3 fluid oz)

Method of preparation:
Buy a nettle shampoo, and add 30ml of nettle drops, 100 ml panthenol, 30ml AD drops, 50ml castor oil and 2 vitamin B ampoules. All these ingredients, as well as nettle shampoo, can be purchased in the nearest market, or in a pharmacy.

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