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Once You Read THIS, You Will Never Remove Makeup With Wet Wipes Again

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I am pretty sure, if not everyone, then most of you who read this article wipe your face with wet tissues. It is simple, easy and seems like the best solution for clean skin, but what you don’t know is that it is not that good.
They have changed skincare industry and almost every great brand has developed their own variety. However, there are people who cannot tolerate them and have reported stinging, burning or redness after using them.
What you need to pay more attention to is finding the right solution for your skin type. This importance is neglected after applying make-up. Moreover, the milk and the hydrating swabs were totally overlooked when the wet tissues for removing make up appeared on the market.
Many ladies started using them because it is simple, easy, and fast.
Why are wet tissues bad for your skin?
What you don’t know is that these wet tissues may cause acne and wrinkles. It is scientifically shown that wet wipes don’t wipe off make-up and dirt entirely, but just spread it all over the face. Also, the liquid that the wet tissues are soaked in may not be adequate for your skin.
They may be convenient, but wet wipes are soaked in some highly powerful chemicals. Because they sit on shelves for a long time on a warm shop floor, they need preservatives, alcohol, and anti-bacterial agents to keep them usable.
Furthermore, another problem occurs when taking off mascara and eye shadow. Then you make rough and fast movements that can lead to wrinkles around your eyes.
When the area around your eyes is irritated, it can lead to redness, swelling and acne. The best option is to keep the wet tissues on your skin for several seconds in order to soak up the liquid. This will help you dissolve the make-up and clean it easily.


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