UNBELIEVABLE: This Magical Drink Removes White Hair

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This phenomenal drink will help you to get better eyesight and will help you to resolve many of skin problems.
4 lemons
200gr. linseed oil
1 kg. honey
3 garlic cloves (small)
How to prepare:
Put the lemons and garlic cloves in a blender and mix them nicely. Peel just two of the lemons and the other two put them with their peel. Add in the honey and linseed oil and mix it all again. Pour the mix into a glass jar with a tight lid. Put the jar in a refrigerator and keep it there for storage.
How to consume:
Take 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before every meal. Consume this mixture 3 times every day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Note: It is recommended use wooden spoons.

Source: www.mrhealthylife.com

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