Do This Once a Week and Say Goodbye to Deep Scars and Pores!

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This sustenance is greatly rich in linolenic corrosive and squalene, capable cancer prevention agents that animate the generation of collagen; along these lines it backs off the presence of wrinkles.

Squalene shields the skin from the sun, and is likewise plentiful in vitamin E and gamma oryznol, known for its capacity to ensure the heart and decrease cholesterol. Lamentably, with the exception of the Japanese, a great many people don't know about that truth that rice does ponders with regards to skin restoration.

We give you the formula super simple veil of rice that will smooth your wrinkles and give you a decent tan.


● 3 tablespoons rice
● one tablespoon milk
● one tablespoon of nectar


● Cook and deplete the rice.

● Blend a tablespoon of warm drain to the rice, and after that include a tablespoon of nectar.

● Apply the veil on perfect, dry skin. Abandon it to dry. Clean your face and wash it with water in which you cooked the rice.

Rice water has intense cancer prevention agent properties. It saturates the skin and empowers blood course; it likewise helps in uprooting wrinkles and diminishes irritation. This veil will make your skin solid and hydrated.

For best results, rehash the treatment in any event once every week. You'll be astounded by the looks of your appearance in the mirror – you will look 10 years

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