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How To Make Cupcake Lightshade

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It was one of those basic rice paper lanterns we bought as a cheap makeshift lantern,

grabbed some craft glue, a bowl to hold the lamp in and the cupcake liners.  various sizes, all unused (because  tend to use cute printed paper liners).

I then started gluing the liners to the bottom of the lampshade. not sure if it was the glue  using but the liners kept sliding, so  ended up using coins to hold down the liners. This was only going to work for the flat portion of the shade though, so eventually  had to glue a few on and hold it down with  fingers for about 30 seconds!

The key is to glue the circle base of the liner as close to each other as possible. This will cause the outward sides to curl into each other but this is the effect you’re after!
 oddly shaped lantern so  used some mini liners on the rounded corner of the lantern.

When it came to doing the other half of the lantern  ended up tying it to some ribbon and hanging it up so  could work on it (you don’t want to crush the underneath cupcake liners). A rounded shade would probably still work resting in a bowl though.
The best thing about this project? It cost me NOTHING.  already had the lampshade, the cupcake liners and the glue. It was just a matter of repurposing!
I think it’s turned out great, it looks quite magical in the nursery and best of all those torn holes have been covered up! I figure if we want to do something different with it in the future we could add some colour, like putting mini cupcake liners in the middle of the large cupcake liners (like the Design*Sponge project). But for now, it’s a simple and sweet baby friendly lightshade!

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