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How to make flower garden from bottle

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We need 24 plastic bottle +1 bottle base (I have a bottle of – under the adhesive), 2 green bottles, colored adhesive tape (blue, green and orange), scissors, a screwdriver and a thick twig to the stem. 
In 16 bottles must be cut bedplate and paste over all the blue tape. At 8 bottles and cut the bottom of a neck and the middle of a paste over orange tape and cut into 2 halves. We cut the neck of the blue, but also the middle of a cut in half, as in the photo. And each half cut into thin strips before reaching the edge of 3-4cm.

Use the screwdriver to fasten caps on them has tightened flowers.

Now do the leaves: a bottle cut into three pieces along. And collect the flower: the trunk wrapped in green tape is inserted into the bottle, and dress the leaves from the bottom …

Putting the tip of the glue rolls and green tape.

Take one end of the wire and wrapped with orange tape

Now do sepal at the blue flower. Take the green bottle, cut off the bottom of a and cut into 3 parts. Now, each part should be cut fringe, but we must not be cut straight and at an acute angle


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