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How to make star out of straw

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Christmas star straw decorate festive interior of your home, taking the place of honor on the wall or the window. With this idea I was a little late, the holidays are over … but in fact it was not the last Christmas in our lives) are more attracted me most to this idea that the star can be made not only of straw, many urban residents straw simply not available, and I am no exception. Christmas star can be made with his own hands from the newspaper tubes, because it is almost the same. I think the star of the newspapers will not worse. Tubes can be painted stained and then finished lacquered star. And what do you think?

Christmas star made of straw or newspaper tubes can be made with any liked pattern used in this circuit below. The process of creation will look like, as in this master class below.

I note that the creation of this work you will definitely need an assistant, as needed two more hands) If you want to work with straw, then it must be collected in the summer and well dried in a dark place. The best straw – rye. Gather straw when rye (wheat or barley) is only the beginning of ear, still wet. Before work dried straw soaked in warm water for about an hour.

So, to work, regardless of the material used – straws or tubes of newspaper or magazine pages, we need:

  • tablet
  • straw or newspaper rolls – about 200 tons of pieces of the same length
  • Two pairs of hands – two people)
  • small clove
  • a hammer
  • strong thread
  • stationery scissors or knife
  • ruler
  • pencil.

Before you begin, it should be noted a plate using a ruler and pencil. Next, look at the photos of the work process, which do not need my comments. Here everything is clear.


And if the stars do a smaller size, then they can be and to decorate the Christmas tree. See how nicely


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