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How to make sunflower photo frame

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Sunflower made ​​from chiffon or silk, although in principle with the imagination you can use any material. Once I cut the leaves out of felt. But in the photo shows the work with chiffon Not letting a leaf out of his hands sewn on the machine well, or at such places without

Excess cut off. In this way, all the petals harvests. They can be done in two sizes, one a little more (this outer circle), and those that are smaller – it is an internal krug.Mozhno do three laps -. So even prettier
now proceed to the assembly of the cut out of the middle of a sunflower Dublerin 2cm. more than usual diameter of the disc (such dublerin used to seal the collars and cuffs in men’s shirts).
In the circle of petals sew

and this – the wrong side next step is to create one myself sheet to be attached sunflower On the same dense Dublerin we cut midway, cut two pieces of sunflower (in the end I will give the pattern). Obkleevaem their cloth (according to this principle. Unfortunately photo underside of the leaf pieces I do not have but the principle is the same

Skleevaem them together, stitched by veins. Leaf is ready. Sewn or prikleevaem harvesting of sunflower

Take the old disk, prikleevaem it in the middle (can be replaced by cardboard. The main thing that used to smooth and dense base was, as it will be photos glued)

Sticking the picture and get


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