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How to Make a Tissue Paper Tree Quilling

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Pick up for the different tissues of trees suitable colors. It may be variegated 2, 3, 4-ply, colorful and simple single layer.

Cut a strip width of 4 cm. White layers can be removed, but you can leave. The result will be a little different.

Fold in half lengthwise.

Lay down again in half. Ironed fingers

Take a toothpick, turn a deaf strip (closed) side up. Screw strip on a toothpick

When twist the entire strip, remove the toothpick, gently twisting it.

The strip was a little let down.

Glue the end of the strip. Such napkins blanks obtained from a single layer of cloth and the white layers inside (turns thicker). Make a lot of blanks for the crown of the napkins of different colors.

Take the brown napkin (for the trunk). Do the same spiral blank.

Pinch the edges. The result was a blank “eye.”

The same make of green napkin grass under the trees.

Now do the branches and strip outlining the trunk. Cut brown stripes (white coats). Gather it in half.

Gather around and above and below to the target line.

Fold in half and cursed in glue stick.

For coniferous trees cut off a strip of green cloth thickness of 5 cm. If there is a white layer, separating it.

Fold in half lengthwise.

Fold in half crosswise and again in half crosswise.

Make a cut fringe with an open hand.

Not turning, screw on a toothpick. When twisting the fingers is put in the middle of the workpiece to the fringe did not disperse to the sides.

Take a toothpick and Con tips.

Fan the fringe. Before gluing on the basis of the leg can still crop if necessary.

Prepare a base of heavy paper, snaring line trunks. First glue the blank “Eye” along the major trunk where will be located the hollow.

Glue brown glued blanks between the hollows and on the edges of the tree. Twigs are not glued.

Begin to stick to the workpiece crown. Gluing a small portion, Conn branch and so on.

When branches and crowns of the lower layer glued on top of a little more glue laps on the crown.

Draw the ground under the trees with green leaves.

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