Idea to make Beautiful flower pots with 3 simple ways

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You can add a green corner of the room with a flower pot to dig around it super adorable!

Method 1 :

Raw materials : terracotta pots, many newspaper photographs, painted black, milk glue, scissors, brushes

Method :

- First, you need to clean the outer surface itself pots . Cut the newspaper took the pictures you like.

- Do not attempt to smear glue into the pot and then paste the image, paste the image overlap veiled outside the basin. Then, you add 1 scan outside the glue to dry layers of paper anymore.

- Finally, you use black brush 1 class in the border around the pots to dry as done.

Method 2 :

Raw materials : potting soil, kate fabric patterns, milk glue, scissors, brushes

Method :

- Use a basting brush 1 glue onto the reverse side of the fabric and on the outside of the pot.

- You paste outer fabric into the pot, cut along the edge of the fabric tassels on pots and perineum.

- Continue you apply adhesive paste tassels on the perineum and inside pots. Finally, you spread out the fabric glue to dry out and plant a tree in the offline.

Method 3 :

Raw materials : wooden pots, white paper, colored acrylic, brushes, scissors

Method :

- You white paper cut into a heart shape as a template. Draw up the pots heart-shaped paper form.

- Use a paintbrush to color inside a heart-shaped green to dry. Next, you fill the blue border around the pot again is completed.

Source:, Fabric Paper Glue

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