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Making flowers carnation...This paper flower patterns can decorate a gift box or beautiful rooms decoration.

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Raw materials : 
  • paper pink shrug, 
  • white paper board,
  • pistil author, 
  • scissors, 
  • glue gun

Method :

- First, you cut into 5 strips pink paper size 75x35cm, ranked zig-zac shaped strips with a width of each zig-zac is 3cm. Cut a circular curved top board, then use chopsticks vertical publications between creating rounded petals curvature.

- Similarly, you fold and cut the remaining 4 strips. Cut into 1 white cardboard modeling circle, then put a circle on top of pink tissue paper and then cut into a circle again.

- Set up fake pistil between White marker cardboard and paper strips pasted 5 petals around.

- Cut 1 straight with a radius of a circle on top of all the pink paper circle. You just paste the cut edge of the paper stack two together forming a cone up to all circles.

- Next, you paste the pyramid on the back of white cardboard as large external petals, the flower petals Small flower petals hugging wrapped inside. Finally, you paste fake pistil in the middle of the flower is finished.


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