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Making Magnolia pink flower....This paper flower patterns can decorate a gift box or beautiful rooms decoration.

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Raw materials :
  • white paper board, 
  • watercolor pink, blue, 
  • petal patterns , 
  • pink tissue paper, 
  • scissors, 
  • glue gun, 
  • dry twigs


- Draw watercolor petals or petal print templates available and then cut into petals. 5 petals doubled, curved claws and pull the tip of the first 5 remaining petals. Blue paper cut into 4 plates sepals.

- You cut one piece pink tissue paper rolls and twists as the pistil. Next, paste 3 double alternating petal pistil wrapped inside, then paste the remaining two outer petals form the first layer of petals.

- Continue paste remaining 5 petals alternating petal outside first class as class Monday petals.Then you paste 4 sheets of blue paper flower calyx outside.


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