Making Roses...This paper flower patterns can decorate a gift box or beautiful rooms decoration.

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Raw materials :
  • thin white foam, 
  • yellow and green paint, zinc, 
  • scissors, 
  • brushes, 
  • glue gun

Method :

- First, you tinge of green paint in a 2 - 1 gold, then mixed together and then fill them up white foam sheets to dry.

- Cut the foam into the petals: one very small petals, 3 small petals, 7 large petals medium, 7 large petals and a small one long strip. You wrap and foam stickers fixed 1 long range early pistil zinc fibers. You paste a small 3 petals interspersed hug wrapped around the pistil.

- Next, you just paste 3 large petals alternating outer hug 3 small petals. Continue paste large and medium 4 petal 7 petals alternating large outside shaping roses.

- After the end of the petal paste, you roll the smallest petal paste wrapped pistil inside.

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