10 Shocking Benefits Of Vicks Vaporub You Didn’t Know

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There are things that are present in our lives for a very very long time and we use it for a particular purpose, without even ever knowing that they can be useful to us in a lot more ways.

Can you imagine how many things you’ll be missing just because you’re used to those things in a particular way? The answer is a lot many, these things aren’t the one’s that just royalty has. It is something that all of have. Common examples are the everyday items, like Vicks.

This article tells you the things in your life that you are missing.

Vicks Vaporub is a name used commonly in every household. Whenever you get ill, have a headache, or any kind of a pain in your body, like chest.

But, it’s not just that, it’s a lot more, let’s look at this.


Apply some of it on the affected area and wash away in the morning, and you’ll notice the difference.


Coming from Thyme, there is thymol oil present, which is a famous fungus fighting ingredient. Cover the fungus area with Vicks and see the magic.

3. Insect repellent

Okay, you love your health and want to protect yourself. Going for chemical creams is also harmful to your skin. So, that’s when Vicks come to your rescue.

4. Soothe aching muscles

Muscle ache is a pain that you never want, but you cannot do anything about it. So, take Vicks and rub it around the area and then place a towel over it.

5. Heal cuts

Cuts happen all the time and Vicks will help you heal them easily, thanks to the methanol and camphor present in it.

6. Cracked Heal.

Apply Vicks on the cracked heal part and massage and wear socks over it for overnight. Wash your heal with warm water in the morning and ta-da.

7. Soothing minor burns

Apply Vicks to the burnt area under water. It’s a pain reliever.

8. Goodbye headaches

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this use, but many weren’t. Headaches are an everyday headache nowadays and you just can’t avoid them.

9. Humidify sleep

Give yourself an aromatherapy and soon have a great sleep. Best sleep of your life.

10. Training dogs

It’s tough to do this, so Vicks come to your rescue. They hate the smell, and won’t ever pee or where the smell is coming from.

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