How to Decor bottles

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This time I used acrylic paint, PVA glue, paper twine, twigs,  glue gun. 
1 / For weaving the fence I used the twine and branches. Pulling twine, securing it on a piece of foam, gently weave precisely cut branches. (It is a pity that the dry twigs and not bend, it would be possible to weave a real fence but unfortunately it turned out)

2 / bottle top dyed acrylic paints (setting summer theme)

3 / From the twine manufactured SUNFLOWERS (color method of manufacture of twine boom I described in his earlier works, changing the size and shape of petals -. Get new varieties of flowers). This time I painted the flowers of your acrylic paints (dry them quickly)

4 / I collect his composition With the glue gun. Glued sunflowers, fence and the top of the cork dressed wicker summer hat made ​​of the same twine prislavutoy paper.

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