How to Make Asters of cups

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Great colors that can decorate the hall, villa, but you can put in a vase at home.

And so to create a flower, we need 5-10 cups (to bud), 3 cups of green (for leaves and sepals) teip tape stick to the pedicel (this can be a wicker), scissors, a soldering iron.

Cut away the top part of the cup.

We cut cups (all for bud and 2 green) to the thin strips (the thinner the strip sleeker will flower).

The remaining cup cut into 4 pieces, is cut out of the leaves.

Wrapped rod tape (or green tape, green tape)

That is what we must have before assembling the flower.

Two glasses with scissors we twirl inward rest outside

Collect bud.

Using a soldering iron to make the hole leg (in this way we all solder layers, and because of this flower does not break). This one is not very convenient to do so please, somehow weights that will hold part of the petals.I have a piece of wood.

 Insert the leg. I do not use glue, customize the size of the leg holes, or vice versa, and the flower will be a very good stick.

Feet are attached to the leaves. The flower is ready.

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