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How to make clock with the bulk embroidered prints

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Embroidery ribbons – it was a favorite hobby of the French kings. Of course, I want to see our products and look royally, and most importantly, to as long as possible preserved their pristine. And I came to the conclusion that they need to be sure to protect the glass. Well, what a jewel will look expensive rimless? And here we come to the aid of the beautiful prints and tidy, beautiful and high-quality design.
To my regret, I was not satisfied with the quality of design work in baguette workshops and began to look for their own ways, how to do it. In addition, the idea to combine a picture with a stranger for hours our Framing Workshop.
I think many skilled workers interested in this topic, and many novice master, too, are wondering how best to arrange their work in their own baguette.
During my time with the volume embroidery, I have tried many options ofomleniya her prints. Used and wooden slats and ceiling tiles, and other materials at hand. And then, finally, I came up with its own method of execution, and that I want to share with you in this master class.
Stored necessary tools and go!

So, let’s begin!
For work, we need Framing frame with glass. Her I order in the baguette shop by size, which I have conceived for its products.

Next, you need to purchase a large sheet of thick cardboard, usually I 1,75 – 2 mm thick. It is sold in large supermarkets stationery. And the white cardboard of about 0.5mm thick.

Now measure the internal size of a baguette, which is inserted into the box, we add it to the desired depth of the box. Mark up all this on a thick cardboard and cut the workpiece. It turns out here such detail:

Then cut out the corners and stationery knife make a shallow slit along the fold lines to facilitate folding. We put on the table with a sharp edge and carefully bend. It should look like this:

Now sizing end connections inside and outside. For this I use glue “Moment super carpenter PVA”. He perfectly glues cardboard and after drying it becomes transparent.

Now you need to make a preform, which will stretch my job. Measure the inside dimensions of the resulting box and cut to these dimensions of a sheet of thick cardboard.

When she is ready, I take my already embroidered, work and using a hot glue pull this piece.

After the work is fixed on cardboard, cut a hole for the clockwork and paste rhinestones on the size of the arrows.
For this fit any pattern of clockwork, they can be easily found on the Internet.
I use this

Here’s what happened:

Now we make a hole for the clockwork in the box and mount.
Inside view.

Now we make a hole for the clockwork in the box and mount.
Inside view.

Mounting glue to glue Moment.
Well, the box is almost ready. The next step – a fine finish.
Of white cardboard cut out narrow strips and paste them inside of the well, as shown in the photo.

When the glue is dry, insert a piece of cardboard with a tight job in a box.

I then toning white cardboard strips dry pastel art to match the picture

Now that everything is beautiful inside, bring “to mind” the outer ends of the box. To do this, I use colored adhesive tape. It can also be purchased at office supply stores. In this case, I pasted the ends of the black tape. He gave the box color glossy black plastic that looks very aesthetically pleasing!

Paste mechanism, cheat and attach arrows.

Just want to warn that it is desirable to use high-quality batteries, as using substandard or shrunken battery, the mechanism begins to “rustle”.

Let us return to our box. The final touch – it’s legs. To my watch hung right and the mechanism does not touch the wall, I do here are the legs:

They can be simply glued on or screwed on the screw to secure

That’s it, we put a box ready to put in a frame with glass baguette and around the perimeter we coat all the same with white glue. After drying, it becomes transparent and does not spoil the appearance, as well as “tightly” unites all the product.
Do not forget to clean the glass before assembly and blow out all the dust and debris from your work
Thank you and good luck in the works!
coutesy: livemstr

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