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How to make fantasy daisies

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new and special creativity for flower lovers…

I needed:
-atlasnaya tape width 0.6sm 1cm, 1.2sm, 2cm,
-kleevoy gun
-permanentny marker, felt,
-metal line,
-zhelanie show imagination.
I listed everything that I needed to create all the daisies.
I had a tape width of 1 cm, cut it to a length of 4.5cm.
The edges do not round off such tape width allows more square edges will not be seen at melting, but starting from 1.5cm round absolutely necessary.
Stained permanent markerom.Snachala held the line or draw midway, then dipped in vodka and spread out to dry on kleenku.Sohnet quickly.

Processing tab.
Top melted over zazhigalkoy.Lepestok I keep in the same place, and the lighter I drive on my own-self, until petal starts round and then begin to gradually shift the lighter middle, petal to petal turned the bend (the photo shows a bend, which I written above), then fold the bottom, fold overlap, t.e.odin edge lobe is superimposed on the other and fixed lighter.

My fantasy has led to such a midway.
From felt cut to 2 circle diameter of 2 cm (2 to make it stronger), the folded circles together, put a bit of cotton wool, to create surround the top.
And sheathed their piece of blank squares lenty.Razmery have such because it is the only thing that I could then find the color.

Too middle, just looked out of satin ribbons, so I sheathed edge beads in turquoise and even pink rhinestones dokleila.V midway decorated with sparkles, marked on the glue.

These are the midway are summarized.
Glued 1st row lepestkov.Staralas glue little overlap.

Back side.

It was during my experiments with daisies I first bought acrylic paint and, of course, immediately apply them)))
It’s simple: the dry tape inflicted undiluted paint, first blue, then after vysyhaniya- beluyu.Dlina 4.5cm petals.
Middle, here let us down, not in harmony with the petals, and beads sewn messy)

Now the leaves.
Fold in half the ribbon width of 2 cm, 2.5 cm, and can be, can be 5 or 4 cm in half (that is, in the bins) and cut off one edge of the soldering iron, attach lineyku.Otrezala just a few millimeters, and more specifically to solder two tapes together and at the same time made them fold middle.

The photo can be seen on top of the segments that I snapped.
Here are 2 template, left to chamomile, for the right roses, photographed together)))

Have developed their own templates in half, put a tape and cut out the leaves.

I draw veins on the back of a knife storony.Sdelala fold up, cut off the excess and oplavila for fixing the bottom.

Add sheet, by the way, that the leaves of roses that went everywhere)), overdone with templates, everything was easier for chamomile.

These turned out I fancy daisies, and now show you how I did the usual daisy from the tape width 0.6sm.
The same center and stretches to the petals at 4.5cm on the 1st row and 5cm on the 2nd.
But experience has shown that it was possible to take the same length.

I want to note that in the face of daisies tape width 0.6sm became the reverse side (when processing must be kept face down).
Processing petals.
Petals processed as in colored daisies, just at the base did not fold.

1st row.
Glued very tightly overlapped.

1st row, the front side.

Back side.

2nd row, reverse side.

That these get my daisies.

And why not make a pink daisy with green midway?))) Length 4.5cm petals.

1st row, reverse side.

2nd row, reverse side.

And with leaves.

courtesy: stranamasterov

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