How to make frame with paper flowers

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 This charming picture frame with paper flowers you can get a little effort. It’s enough to buy the most simple picture frame, and learn how to make these paper flowers. The last we are going to do.
Materials for the manufacture of a flower:
– For scrapbooking paper (or other fairly thick paper)
– Punch (or template for flowers)
– Distress Ink
– scissors
– glue
Step 1. In the master class was used punch flower with 6 petals. You can also use the appropriate knife for cutting down or make a template for flowers and cut his hand. We need 3 of florets.

Step 2: In one of these flowers make an incision between the petals from the edge to the center. In the second floret cut off two petals, the third – one petal. Put sliced petals aside, they come in handy for the flower core. On the edges of the petals walk distressovymi ink.

Step 3: Fold each flower in the form of a cone and cut a small corner, thanks to the finished flower is not so cumbersome.

Step 4. Each floret drip a drop of glue on the boundary with a cut tab, as shown in the figure.

Step 5. Glue the petals, as shown in the figure.

Step 6. Use some small sticks, such as brushes, tighten up the pitch.

Your layers should look like.

Step 7. Shape of the resulting layers of flower and glue them together with glue.

Step 8. Now for the heart of the flower. At the beginning of the master class, we cut off the petals of the flowers, and I mentioned that they are more useful to us. Take the cut off two petals and adjusting them with the sticks, then twist them in a plastic bag, cut a small tip. Bag must be slightly loose, so that it can be inserted mid another twisted lobe.

Step 9. Take the petal, which is also cut off from the flower and nip it, do it out of a tight bag and cut off the tip. Put it in a bag made earlier of the two lobes. The core of the paper is ready to flower. Put it in a flower made. All secure with glue.

Here’s a fascinating paper flower like a rose and you will!

Take an ordinary picture frame and make such flowers of different sizes, glue them to the frame and it instantly transformed! Creative inspiration!

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