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How to make gerbera in quilling techniques

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supplementary education of teachers, parents and children from 6 years.
Purpose: to give as gifts or decorations for the interior.
Purpose: training techniques bumagokrucheniya.
– To learn to perform elements in kviling technology;
– Contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the fingers, attention, creative abilities;
– Form art – aesthetic perception;
– To bring patience, perseverance, desire to bring the work to the end.
I present to you the master – class on making gerberas in kviling technology.

Gerbera look into the world of big eyes
How – if talking and arguing with us:
“Let us live, do not put us in a vase!
We long to live, and not die at once! “

Materials and tools:
– Strip width of 0.3 mm white, yellow, orange, red;
– 1.5 cm strips of pink, red, orange;
– The green paper;
– Glue PVA-M;
– Toothpicks;
– Line with round holes (optional);
– A pair of scissors;
– A tool for torsion strips (optional);
– Tweezers;
– Frame for registration.

Petals with a white border.
Cut strips of red and white half. Merge white and red stripes. Spiraling, since red. Then dissolve the item to the desired size and compress opposite sides. The tip of the glue. On one flower should be 24 parts.

Red petals.
Red petals smaller than the petals with a white border, so a strip of red cut in half. We twist it into a spiral. Dissolve the item to the desired size and compress opposite sides. The tip of the glue. On one flower should be 22 parts.

The core of the flower.
Strips 1.5 cm wide cut into a fringe. Cut them in half. Merge pink and orange.

Twist the yellow strip in a tight spiral, and without removing the needle, glue fringed belt. The tip of the glue. When dries, fringe flexing.

Cut a circle with a diameter of 4.5 cm. Incision was made to the center. Merge edge along the cut. For the stability of the middle of a little presses.

Fold the green paper accordion. Scissors cut curly leaves. Bend in half a sheet and then add up the accordion (for the veins on the leaves). Expand. Leaf is ready.

On the basis on the edge of the inside of the paste the petals with a white border.

And overturn pitch glue on the outside edge.

When a little dries, glue red petals (2nd and 3rd row).

Core smear glue and place it in the center of the flower.

Similarly, to perform two other flower.

courtesy: ped-kopika

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