Paper Plant - A Bromelaid DIY tutorial

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Materials Needed:-
Red Paper 
Green Paper
Kabab Skewers
Stem Wire
Tacky Glue

Step 2
Using the fire flower template in the book cut out the petals for the bromelaid trimming off some edges for the top petals to make it smaller.You would need around 15 for each flower.Fold down the middle.

Overlap 2 smallest petal on top adding glue to stay in place, insert skewer.

Step 4

Step 5
Form more petals adding petal downwards tilting petals to open out flower.At the bottom trim petal to slimmer versions,stick to cover stem.

Step 6

Cut a long leaf pattern from the book using cardstock

Step 7

Step 9

Step 10
Glue a small stem wire to enable you to pot the leaves

Add Floral Foam to a pot and add moss.Insert flowers pushing skewer ends down.Add leaves and you have a wonderful plant you need not water!!!

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