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Create beautiful belt on the wedding dress

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We will need:
- A small piece of lace with embroidered flowers;
- A piece of soft mesh;
- One Sew rhinestones (about 13 mm);
- White beads, ivory and pale pink color (diameter 3-8 mm);
- A waste of time;
- Beads "rice" ivory;
- White cabin (I have it very nicely poured);
- A piece of felt 10 x 30 cm;
- Rep, satin, silk ribbon belt;
- Thread the needle.

From lace cut out elements of large embroidered flowers, I will form a large flower. If you lace is different, you can use the principle of formation of the belt elements. I also embroidered bridal other times on the principle of a grid.

From felt cut two rounded rectangle 5 x 21 cm. One lay off, they'll cover underside of the belt at the end of work.

Find the middle (center) of the rectangle.

Draw a petal height of 4.5 cm, a width of about 5 cm.

From soft mesh cut out 6 petals, lay the crease in the center of each petal.

And form a central flower belt: prick and sew the petals from the grid.

On the petals of a grid and pinned sew petals lace (cut from lace flowers a little more). On the remains of felt pinned lace to create invoices.

Cut leaves of lace, I have to get them on 4 pcs. on each side, you have the numbers may be different, the whole point - to cover the felt leaves on either side of the central flower.

 spread the leaves, forming a pattern, sew them.

In the middle of the central flower petals sewn 6 smaller. belt base is ready, start embroidering.

start with a central circular element. Of felt is cut diameter rings 30, 20, 15 mm.

sew them to each other. This pyramid will need to sew on a small piece of felt about 6x6 cm (then cut off the excess).

In the center sew a paste (I have the color Graphite).

Cut into pieces rigmarole 7.5-8 mm. Around the central rhinestones sewn 10 beads with a diameter of 5 mm.

Between the beads sewn rigmarole

take a piece of lace embroidery without resembling irregular grid. Felt rectangle will need to round. To me it is convenient to do step by step

And sew it chaotically laying folds, under the net felt clipped a semi-circle, as a result of the diameter of the central element embroidered received 4 cm.

Then I added more net, I wanted to it could be seen under the beads. Sewn beige bead 8 mm in diameter, cut out felt a drop of just for convenience, you can immediately cut a round shape.

Symmetrically with respect to this beads sewn on 4 pink beads (diameter 3 mm) and one risinke.

Repeat one more time.

Fill the remaining space felling (I gained 4 beads), creating volume.

Here is what you should have:

Central Rhinestone seemed very dark and closed (sewed)  net. The middle of the flower is ready.

Now logging embroidered flower petals, try on with a smooth mid-to see what areas I need to do embroidery.

take a small lace elements (I sewed them as the top layer of petals), I need their 2 pcs. 
In the center bead sewn 5 mm and 6 rice grains.

Between risinkami sew a waste of time (intervals of about 10 mm).

sew the bottom piece of the grid.

Adding to the grid 4 pink beads (3 mm).

Embroidered flower petals felling.

make two elements.

Adding to the leaves on the three beads. It all depends on your taste and desires, I would like, so you can see the texture of lace, so I did not fully stitched.

Try on and sew embroidered items.

here in the lace of these little flowers, all further actions can be performed only on a grid without embroidery.
Sew beads around them - a waste of time, we fix it.

Around each beads sewn risinki, forming a flower.

sew 3 cutting beads. 

All elements of the belt are ready, we will collect it.

On the tape sew embroidered elements on the underside of a hidden seam sew second rectangle of felt covering the underside.

Belt is ready! By the same principle, you can make jewelry for wedding hairstyles :)


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