Decorative lighting paper cut style

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Raw materials needed to make paper lamps are:

- 1 plastic water bottles 

- White Paper cover 

- Sample flowers 

- Candle electronics (battery-powered, can be found in shops selling electrical goods)

- Tools: knives bear, tape, scissors

Step 1: 

- First, you print up dandelion flower pattern cardboard.

Step 2 

- Next, carefully sculpted knifing each petal, leaf. Fold the petals, leaves shaping up dandelion flowers bloom.

Step 3: 

- Now, you strip away the bottle label and remove the top of the bottle so that the height is equal to the width of the cover sheet.

Step 4: 

- Finally, I roll the paper into a cylindrical cover wrapped around bottles of water and 2-sided tape affixed 2 edges are finished.

Paper lamps shaped dandelion his style Kirigami done here:

Electronic candles placed in plastic bottles and lit pleased to come!

Recycled paper lamps from old water bottles we shimmering lights, much less purchased goods, right?


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