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How To Black Spotted Nail Art

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There is one such nail called OPI Black Spotted – quite unusual and hard copy available …
And today I want to show you how you can with a regular black lacquer ZHDSL and water to achieve a similar effect on the nails .. We need: 1. Black lacquer. (I Orly liquid vinyl) 2. Lacquer base (I YSL orange afrique) 3. Nail polish remover 4. Container with water 5. Scotch 6. Cotton swabs / cotton with toothpicks 7. Orchard water

1. Make up nails base color

2. In container (I have a disposable cup) pour running water

3. Drip drop of black lacquer

4. Then another drop of .. And .. And .. Until then, the paint will not cease to spread. (Approximately 4-6 drops of varnish

5. By spraying spray ZHDSL in glass with varnish (1 press will suffice).
Now a little secret.
– if you want to get a lot of small inclusions, the spray should be in close proximity to the glass scattered maximum pressure.
– if you want to get blotches medium size, then spray ZHDSL better with height arm over the glass, the pressure medium.
So you can simulate the “thicker / thin nail polish”

6. Tape your finger on all sides tape (the procedure is very easily soiled, without the tape will scour with a lot of extra fingers varnish) and dip it in a glass, in the heart of the divorce on the water, choosing the best “picture”.

7. Peel the tape.
Using cotton swabs and toothpicks with wool (moistened with ZHDSL) remove excess nail polish and skin. And so finger by finger, repeating the procedure from the beginning: a glass of water (water can be used the same) => drops varnish => tape => finger in water => removal of scotch => Remove excess varnish.

8. Cover nails top. Done!

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