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How to dry roses and other flowers

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You know what a gel? It can of course, and buy ... but I suggest it to collect) have seen in box of  new shoes and electrinic items? That is, the same magic silica gel.

This dried gel of polysilicic acid, an adsorbent for the purification of air and gas drying and clarification of liquids, catalyst support, etc, and most importantly, ROSE))) And where to use dried roses,  You can create here such compositions, 

So, cut off the buds

put in a jar in a vertical position. If you want to dry a few buds, take plenty of dishes.The main thing is to have dishes tight-fitting lid

Fall asleep silica gel

Tightly close the lid. Delayed for several days. For drying roses need about 10 days. For daisies - much less, and so on. Check yourself and control the level of dried) Flowers should be gentle, delicate and light. If they are too heavy in weight, close the lid and wait for a few more days.

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