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How to make bird cage from jute

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Work laborious, medium difficulty, but if you follow all the rules, then everything will turn out quite easily. The main desire!

For work, we need the following materials:
– Twine;
– Scissors;
– Corrugated cardboard;
– PVA glue;
– Thermo-gun;
– Glue “Titan”;
– Wooden kebab skewers;
– White writing paper;
– Gold Cord;
– Golden ribbon width of 1.5 centimeters;
– A piece of burlap, additionally you can take a dark cloth for gluing to the bottom of the small stands;
– Pen or pencil;
– Round;
– Round salad bowl or a bowl with a flat edge;
– Food film;
– Wire;
– Acrylic varnish and brush;
– Acrylic paint gold and bronze and a sponge;
– Beads  for decoration;

Getting Started:
Step 1: Make the cell dome:
To do this, we need to take a deep bowl, tureen or bowl, the edge of which should be smooth, without convolutions and rounded.Are wrapped food or packaging film:

Glue “Titan” is poured into a tube with a narrow spout, it is necessary to make sure, then twine filigree will be obtained without difficulty.

Twine cut into suitable pieces of us, we make cuts diagonally, and a little twirl the ends between the fingers with a drop of white glue, thus making them sharpened.  Glue pieces of twine in the form of petals, gently squeezed on a thin strip of adhesive should have, as in the photo:

Then turn off “rolls” and glue around the edge of the petals between her fingers:

Then cut into small pieces and make the hearts:

Then glue between the curls “rolls”:

From above, in each lobe, more glue on the segment of twine:

Cut a piece of wire, wrapped with twine, fixing thermo-adhesive, turn in the ring, connect, place glue wrapped with twine. Ring glue from the top in the center:

Go back to the curls, they glue in the double loops:

If something moves, adjusts skewer or needle:

Repeat one more close within hearts:

Bottom two or three rows of glue twine:

All work further coat with glue, wait for the complete drying, then remove from the base, remove plyonochku device for burning or heated over a flame nail or awl, or just cut the label adhesive nail scissors.

Step 2: Making the base cells:
Take corrugated cardboard, putting a bowl on which we did the dome, tracing around a pen and cut out two or three of the circle:

Merge carved circles together, from the center spread the 12 rays, set points, one is missing is an entry in the box:

Step 3: Make small stands:
Take eleven wooden skewers and shorten them to the desired length to us, I have it at 17 centimeters. Tightly wrapped skewers string fixing glue, leaving without glued centimeter and a half.

The basis of doing holes and glue in small stands:

Step 4: Continue to draw bottom of a cell:
Take the white paper, wrinkled, rvёm into pieces and papered bottom of a bottom, using PVA glue, sticking to the side and stood up to half a centimeter from the top:

Step 5: Make a pasting:
Cut out the inner circle of corrugated cardboard circle should freely enter the inside of the cell. It is scheduled for two points:

Pasted deferred burlap and do two holes center for perch:

Paste a piece of wire into one of the holes are bent slightly inward and glue, fix a piece of cloth:

The exterior of the wire wrapped with twine fixing glue:

On the reverse side as Bends, glue and fix the cloth:
So it should look like from above:

Step 6: Glue the dome:
Carefully glue gun thermal top, note that the pattern would be the entrance was located symmetrically. Small stands must be glued inside.

Step 7: Decorate and paint the cell:
Cut the piece of wire, wrapped with twine, fixing thermo-adhesive, bending, and tighten the ends, as in the photo, the item is pasted at the entrance to the cell.

Cut the longer five pieces of wire (length is determined individually, it depends on the distance between the small stands and cell size) and also papered with string. Bends in the photo and glue to the bottom of the cell:

Then we cut off another ten pieces of wire and twine Wallpapers:

Folded in half and wrap the edges in the shape of a heart:

Glue Circuits under the dome:

Step 8: Make a stand:
Cell itself is already completely ready and if you want to hang it rather than set, the next step is skipped. For example, to show the other work that originally was made for the suspended state:

Take seven wooden skewers, prune them to us right length (mine is 18 cm), which are selected individually wrapped with twine fixing glue. Make a hole in the bottom of the cell and paste it small stands:

On request, the bottom can be done pasting of two small circles of cardboard, paste over their string:

The bottom of the rack can be done in two ways: first, it is simply pour plaster into the chosen shape, for example is such a form:

I chose the second method:
From cardboard cut out six or seven large circles, three smaller and two very young. Merge all circles except one big together in the center of the bore holes, then glue the bottom remains a big circle.

Wrinkled white paper on Wallpapers and PVA of the rack and the upper small circles wrapped twine:

The bottom of the small stands can paste over burlap or other suitable cloth is better to choose dark is not the thin fabric of the brand:

The same cloth can paste over and board:

Top paint gold and copper acrylic:

Side sticking gold ribbon, empty spaces and rim seal the string, and the joint space and the lower extreme gold cord:

We are waiting for the complete drying, the work can be varnished several times, each with a complete drying of the previous layer.
The cell is ready, it is possible to settle the artificial birds, decorating decorative flowers, leaves and beads.

courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina

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