How to make christmas topiary from blue and white ribbons

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It is a simple foam Christmas ball on the Christmas tree has become the basis for a wonderful Christmas song - Topiary in blue and white colors.

so, the basic material for making Christmas Topiary of the tapes we are a few meters of copper wire and a thin satin ribbon or plastic two shades, wide satin ribbon, cutting felt for decoration of the pot and the pot itself. So do we need a plaster primer for decoration, paint in the color of the soil, the polymer adhesive and hot melt. Decorate a Christmas song we just beads.
Topiary Christmas ribbons

To start up loans barrel Topiary.  Copper wire with pliers to cut the required number of parts - so that one could create a frame Christmas Topiary.

Each piece of wire wrapped with white ribbon. At the beginning and end of the tape is fixed with hot melt.

Now we proceed to the assembly of the barrel. Part of the wire tightly connects the narrow tape.

It is time to narrow blue ribbon of satin. She will need to carefully wrap the entire "trunk" and "branches".

Tape, as in the first case to fix the start and end of the job.

As decoration twigs blue ribbon to curl them with a pair of pliers in a spiral - so they will not interfere with our decor following branches.

So, we have looming appearance of the finished Christmas Topiary - a ball and stem, now need to take the pot.

Pot decorate a thin felt. Stretch the felt on the one hand, to better lay down on the pot.

Close the pot with felt bottoms.

Wallpapers of its side portions, wrap the excess in and pasted.

Decorate pot Topiary pair of thin strips of tape.

So, we are ready for all three components of the Topiary.

Fill the pot with water diluted alabaster and fix the middle of the trunk.

When plaster will seize, gouache paint it in the color of the soil. We will have a white ground.

We wait until dry gouache, plaster cover a thick layer of transparent resin glue pot and fall asleep soil.

Christmas ball decorate card, which can be done by hand from a wide satin ribbon.

Complement rhinestones roses, beads and silver ribbon curls

Pot for Christmas Topiary also decorate neat silver bow with polubusinkoy middle.

Our work is ready - it is good on both the front and rear.

If desired, you can decorate the balloon as it will look better in your interior.

courtesy: masterclassy

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