How to make christmas tree from plastic bottles.

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Empty plastic bottles we perceive solely as trash. Consumers throw their recycling in large numbers, not knowing that the plastic can be used for craft projects. Craftsmen have long decorated with homemade products flower beds in urban backyards. No less interesting they look in the interior of the apartment.

This Christmas tree made of plastic bottles will fit well into the ensemble of indoor plants bred mistress on the kitchen windowsill, or decorate the nightstand child in kindergarten.
For the production of Christmas trees , we need:

  • scissors
  • green bottle
  • cork
  • round glass out of cottage cheese dessert
  • candle
  • glue.

Also find foam. We cut a piece of kitchen sponges for washing dishes.
First, cut the green bottle into squares or circles of different sizes. For the lower part of the square herringbone width should be no less than 6-7 cm, average - about 5 cm, 2-3 cm crown enough.

Next of geometric shapes cut out stars. No need to strive to make them the same. We pointed fit any shape.

Now scissors edge Breaks through densely Stars. To help, you can call the household. In fact, work is laborious and requires a lot of patience. By the time the edges of the border takes about 30 minutes.To spruce legs look more natural, bring plastic to the candle flame. The tips of our conifer twigs delicately draped down. Here is the finished result.

It was the turn to apply the adhesive and foam. Cut the sponge into small pieces (1x1 cm).

Now glue lubricates the largest fir leg, putting a cube on top of the foam. Again drip glue and cover it with green plastic.

We continue to work as long as there are no more details. We do not forget that we are "building a pyramid," but because with each subsequent bonding focus on the size of the plastic sprocket.

It remains to draw the trunk of pine trees. Of course, his role will make cork. However, to hack was resistant to rollover, we put the tree in a small yellow vedertse. It cut out from a circular cup.

Grease the bottom of a bucket with glue, put in the center of the trunk of the cork. Set aside part for 2-3 minutes, let dry completely.

Putting the crown of trees  with a trunk. The result was a slim emerald tree made of plastic bottles . This beautiful forest.
It is a pity that the picture can not be transferred shine branches in the sun. In bright light, the photo is smeared, but the beauty is obtained unearthly. We have remained untouched white bottle. With the onset of winter, we cut out of it and snowflakes decorate our Christmas tree. Make and other articles made of plastic bottles .
courtesy: masterclassy

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