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How to make denim pouch for small items

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To create a pouch, we need:
– Cuts of denim fabric in two colors;
– A pair of scissors;
– Remnant;
– Line;
– Thread;
– Needle;
– sewing machine;
– Brads for scrapbooking (or button);
– Cloth padding.
Getting Started:
Step 1:
Prepare the denim fabric: wash and iron them.

Step 2:
With the help of the cutting line 3 dark and 3 light strips of cloth. Cut them out.

Step 3:
Baste bands, alternately changing color (dark, light …)

Step 4:
Sostrochite Neaten bands on the sewing machine or stitch “back needle”.

Step 5:
Fold in half the resulting fabric (face to face) and at an angle using a ruler to upset her again.

Step 6:
Cut back the cut strip (you should have 3 stacks with 2 strips each).

Step 7:
Open all the upper strip in one direction (left or right).’

Step 8:
This procedure is necessary to sew strips together.

Step 9:
To the top of the resulting fabric must sew one piece of fabric.

Step 10:
Putting a face-to-face fabric and denim fabric to sew padding 3 sides. One side must be left not stitched to the resulting “bag” could turn out to the right side.

Step 11:
Insert the top of the brads denim basics (otherwise sew a button).

Step 12:
From dark denim cut strip (clasp). Deal with it.

Step 13: 
Connect the clasp to the back of the bag.

Step 14:
Add up to face the back and front of the pouch.

Step 15:
Stitch on the machine both sides of the bag. If you are afraid to break the needle machine, hand sew seam “back needle”.

Step 16:
Trim the excess fabric.

Step 17:
Turn the bag right side out.

courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina

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