How to Make Doll-box

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For this we need:
1. Scissors
2. Foam
3. Screws
4. Needle and thread
5. Glue Gun
6. satin ribbon 8 m
7. Lace 8m
8. Two salad
9. Satin material for covering boxes
10. Doll
11. The beads, pins and so on. D. To create hats and decorations doll.
did not have salad bowls, use pots for flowers and plastic bread box.

Planters, intended for the bottom, to the top of the breadbox. I drill to drill a hole in a breadbox and screw the screw with a screwdriver on the doll's body.


Next satin cloth pasted over the entire frame boxes.

Sheathe bottom (flower pots, all the irregularities of the pot, I obkleila foam, so get a smooth bottom. It was found very difficult to lay the cloth. Please cut out the circle, followed by hot glue fastened inside.

The wizard then gloves. in the photo clearly shows how I do it.

Everything is ready to go to the most pleasant part of the work- trim dress. Satin ribbon and lace sewn impose fine stitches. Threads of tightening and obtain a wave is attached in a circle on a hot glue.
First, the upper hand.

Then the bottom.

There is not enough another layer of lace at the bottom.

Now sew pillow inside the box. That such a result has turned bottom.

At the discretion Master hairstyle and hat. That such a result  came over.

Here's a photo in full growth.

This doll-box for use in Surprise moments.


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