How to make flower nightlight

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 Let this flower reminds us light the hearth. The light that we remember, while away from home; the light that warms us warm and gives strength in times of trouble; light of happiness and well-being.

Even when switched off, LED night light looks bright and festive. Therefore, it may please the owners of the house at night and during the day.

These are the materials and tools used in the work. The real crystal of desired color paper I was not so taken crepe French and German production.

For short legs white LEDs attach wiring to the long - dark (colored). Wrapped with electrical tape.

Then the LED "swaddled" yellow crepe paper in a single layer and bonded first pestle, and then six stamens at an equal distance from each other. The pistil and stamens in the department I bought an artificial flower arranging.

For such patterns should be cut 36 double petals and not less than 10-12 double leaf.

All of them are treated with a special lacquer for the crystal colors. Within each pasted white wire

Petals before assembly should be given a special shape, like a chair or the letter S.

Collect flower stamens around: first three petals at equal distance from each other, then three more - between them.

All 6 ready colors wrapped with green crepe paper and collected in inflorescence. In the fold bind them into a thick paste solid wire and the common winding stem is also the same paper to a thickness of 8-10 mm. 
Prepare a pot, which will collect the composition. Cut to size and glue to the gun lightweight porous filler. Make a recess for the container with batteries. Ready stalk with flowers stuck in the seal and anchoring adhesive gun.

The leaves do double as petals, inserted inside almost the entire length of the green wire. Lachim, and dry them with a soldering iron required Bulka treat each sheet to give it a natural relief. The leaves are best done in 3 different sizes. I 20-23-26 cm in length, but you can see 15-20-25.

To our clivia light collected electric circuit of the other ends of the wires hanging. Please curl all ends of the insulation peeled white with the red wire from the container. Then, all dark with the black wire from the end of the container. 
Be sure to wrapped with twisted tape, and can be, as I am, to put on their rubber tubes.

It remains to draw the top of the pot. For this,  took the thin paper, which is usually placed in the box with the new shoes. On  happiness, it was black. But  think we can take some other, such as napkins.  slightly crumpled paper and taped to the gun against the seal. The container reserve in the availability to be able to change the batteries. Liberally grease the paper with white glue and pour a layer on top of this land for houseplants can be dry and broken tea or coffee. The main thing that is soaked with glue and withered. Surplus land then shakes.

That's our song ready. From two-color paper, probably would look better, but this  do not. Although when Clivia lights inside each flower is desired yellow tint appears.

The street was dark ... The room was lit by light fantastic. From him it was impossible to take your eyes, it is impossible to look away from the flame campfire.

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