How to make flower pot from ice-cream cup

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the plastic by PVA glue little that can be stuck. Because first container plastered with a thin wrapping paper

Twine cut into equal segments. The bottom of the container is very thickly smeared with glue. And laid on him pieces of twine. When the glue has dried up a bit, again thickly smeared with glue.

When the bottom of a dried up completely, fasten the end of the string (from reel) and begin to braid container as basket weave - in a circle

With the help of a steel knitting needles, red-hot in the flame of a candle, make a hole on the perimeter of the container (the number depending on the number of all string). Fix the loose ends of twine nodes in the holes.

When all vertical segments attached, evenly distribute the horizontal segment (it twist around a container in a spiral, intertwined with the vertical). Fix the end.


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