How to make gift baskets from recycled glasses

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Virtually recycle much in this craft, both disposable cups and magazine paper and cardboard shoe box , I hope this new craft you can serve and want to do right now.

  • disposable cups that are recycled polystyrene or poliespam unicel- (3 Units)
  • Magazines or newsprint recycling
  • Cardboard (recycled any box that is thick)
  • Acrylic paint: white, pink and any sponge.
  • Napkins decoupage
  • White glue, scissors.
  • Soft hair brush
Gift baskets from recycled glasses

Step by step: "Baskets for gifts with recycled glasses"
1.- We clean disposable cups, scissors and cut it in half (also cuts the base of the glasses)..

2. Cut strips of paper and white glue join the glasses just cut.

3. Continue uniting all vasos.Para reinforce this union can paste over strips of paper on both sides.

4. To make the base of our basket. Put on the table the recycled cardboard, then with pencil draws the base of the basket.

5. I already have my cut base, only now it'll stick in my basket, use white glue and paper strips.

6. So stay tight against my base to the basket.

7. Cut strips of paper magazine or newspaper, this will help us strengthen canasta.Al paste these strips on both the external and internal part, the canasta.Trata stay more resistant it is securely attached paper.

So is my basket, let this well sequita now to decorate it.

9. First with a sponge and white paint, ponceamos throughout the basket, and so will be ready.

10. With fingers will cut my napkin decoupage, despegare 2 pieces of paper that has adhered.
Now with a soft brush and white glue diluted in a little water, I hit napkin, starting from one end.

11. The inside of the basket so ponceare with sponge and pink paint, now we only fill our basket of cute gifts
courtesy: cosascositasycosotasconmesh

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