How to make headbands for hair

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This accessory can change beyond recognition, hair, and with it the entire image of a woman. After all, the rim is not necessarily be a simple semicircle of plastic or metal. Modern needlewoman and ladies decorate hoops for hair bows, rhinestones, flowers and ribbons. To decorate the rims perfect polymer clay. Because it is very easy to make a beautiful flower or a few bright juicy berries and decorate their hair hoop.
Delicate ring with flowers.

Suitable for beginners to sculpt out of polymer clay.
You will need
Self-hardening plastic; Mold leaf (universal); Wire number 22 and 26; Teip tape; Clay (latex suit); Yellow, purple and green oil paint; Stationery knife; Scissors; Stack; It will be necessary to make 3 shades with transitions from light pink to very intense.
Cut the wire number 26 to 4 cm long pieces. For all rim about 40 pieces. Half blanks do at one end loops.

Divide the white plastic on the part. Add to 3 parts purple paint on the rise. Back in Part 1 add green and yellow paint. In young leaves will color green.

Take a small piece of clay and add a yellow dye. The resulting bright yellow ball attached to a piece of wire with a loop. Cut crosswise.

From a small ball of pink color (about 0.5 in diameter) roll droplet. An incision into 4 pieces and roll out each piece on the index finger of the stack.

Wear on the wire with yellow serdtsevinkoy. Roll green bead has a smaller diameter. Droplet form thereof and an incision into 4 parts with an acute end. The base of the flower fluff glue and put on him resulting sepals. Part of the green clay stretch down the wire.

BLIND flowers of different shades of pink similarly. Buds sculpt as well as the middle, the flower was made of clay of various shades of pink.

Leaflets. From green clay balls roll droplet. Roll it, giving the shape of a leaf. Rolled sheet in the Molde and attach the wire.

Assembly. The wire number 22 to bend the arc. In random order, so as you'd like to attach it to the flowers, buds and leaves teip-tape. Attach all the beauty from the ends of the rim to the center.

Headband with delicate spring flowers ready.
courtesy: svoimi-rukami-club

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