How to make lavender flower vase

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For work, we need: a cup of yogurt, PVA glue, titanium, twine, colored semolina and gelled yarn for knitting !!

Let's start with the design work for our pot of lavender. Cropped top cup of yogurt!

And starting with the bottom of our cup wrapped with string, with an adhesive titanium!

Grab a little bit in order not to be seen the cup!

Then take gelatinised yarn (1st.l gelatin, diluted in half a glass of cold boiled water, insist 40 minutes and dolevaem boiling water until full cup, soaked thread and hang to dry.) It was my experiment with yarn, as we see, and everything turned out she did not bends !

Cut into pieces 10cm long.

Take semolina, glue and our branches,

Macau thread into the glue somewhere 2,5 cm.

Groats I just painted the caller and all! In a plate pour cereal, add a little bit of a caller and his hands still stirred, and add until you get the color you want! Kohler, the most common, cheapest, we 30R 140gramm. Kohler called Universal, color Iris. We took it in vodoemulsionku dobovlyali.On liquid, but when will stand for a long time, thickens. Just a little bit and pour everything, and rubbing his hands and everything will be fine! I think and gouache possible only if its water razbovlyat can stick together, try it!
And crumble it into semolina! If somewhere will help otpadyvat fingers trample it all!

Do not be alarmed when your branch lean her head! This is a temporary phenomenon until it is dry, or rather until the glue is dry!

Sprigs strictly laid to dry in a horizontal position! they dry in a warm place pretty quickly!

Well, as long as everything is dried, zaym—Ďmsya decorated pot. Take a piece of foamirana and cut, do not end up into small stripes!

Is applied to the hot iron and hold until it's all fluff. Approximately 5-10 seconds.

We get here a weed.

Glue it on the inside of our already potty!

Something like that!

Sprigs of our flowers, dried and are bodren'kiye! Putting it all in a bunch, it took me a little bit is not enough, and the 61 thing, and like in appearance and can not be said! Binds all threads of that is not falling apart! Try on our potty, if pruned long!

Mix the plaster with vodoy.I gently fill our pot.

Nosegay immerse in plaster slightly until all the used sets.

Gypsum sprinkle semolina green, and all our lavender is ready!

Just admire!
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