How to make organizer of the simple napkins

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So, we need:
1. Multi-colored paper napkins of all sizes
2. PVA glue
3. Round paper boxes out of bottles or paper boxes of potato chips "Pringles"
(Or you can use plastic bottles from under Dino drinks)
4. Acrylic pearl paint
5. Wooden base if necessary
6. Glue Gun
7. Gloves
8. Small pieces of foam

To start cut round boxes in two different sizes, set them on a wooden base, or simply close and distribute the colors of napkins.
Next, be sure to wear gloves, because PVA glue after prolonged use corrodes hands. Of course, the first fingertip sensitivity is lost, but I have adapted over time.
So, take a jar, PVA glue and napkins. Pre wipes all share one layer for better getting wet.
Very much Mnemonic napkin, collect it in the folds, and very, very richly moistened with white glue.

We try to crease very tight, ie to after drying out of a single layer of tissue may tread base.

For example, bank Pringles, cut into two parts. Mentally I divide this part into three layers. In each layer of adhesive is wrinkled and blotted least 3 napkins in a circle. Blotted glue must be very abundant, avoiding nepromokschih areas as different colors will be visible after drying.
After filling all the jars we put out to dry it can be close to the battery, quickly dry. Usually enough about a day to complete drying.

Then proceed to the decoration. Take a piece of foam rubber, dipped it in acrylic paint and lightly extends over the entire surface of the cans to a more protruding parts were painted.

After all jars dried, I glued them on dereryannoe base using glue gun. The edge between the base and the jars are sealed as wipes and paints.

Now we can look at the organizers ready

Organizer on a green ground.

Technique is the same material, too, is only made on the basis of plastic bottles from under the baby Dino yogurt.

After drying, the bottles have them around one of them and glue them together glue gun.

This photo is already in kindergarten. These are convenient for small pencil holders pencils, well and not only!
This technique of decorating with napkins I tried on paper, on glass, on plastic, on ceiling tiles (made frames for embroidery). After drying the product is covered by a dense mass. Of course, if it is to cover more and varnish, the product will not be afraid of water, but it's better just to wipe the dust!
courtesy: livemaster

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