How to make paper plant pots

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Step 1:
- First, you draw a sketch leaf on white paper plate before cutting on colored paper.

Step 2:
- Next, you draw and cut the leaves joined together on a sheet of blue paper.

Step 3:
- Use the tip of the rod (or the ballpoint pen out of ink) draw a line between the leaf veins create

Step 4:
- Then you use the thumb of the right hand and left folding folding the leaf clamp.

Step 5:
- Similarly, you folded the remaining leaves.

Step 6:
- You printed or painted pots on white cardboard. Place the white paper on the cardboard template and cut paper to form green.

Step 7:
- Using a knife carefully sculpted according to the drawn line.

Step 8:
- Make the folds in the form, and then paste forming plant pots.

Step 9:
- You roll the leaves into strips curl small diameter than the diameter of pots, glue fixed again.

Step 10:
- Tie the line button, then slid into the pot to make the wires hanging pots. Finally, you pull fixed paste into potted plants are finished.

So our potted her hanging upside finished!

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