How to make Peacock of nylon

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Peacock -different color pieces of nylon (we sell kits) ..Wire, different diameters, objects to cheat on them wire, glue.

First, twisted wire, wrapped with a cloth.

Gives wire shape of a bird, made legs, twisted foil newspapers and two ovals for the head.

That's how it looks spread-eagled.

Attach the tail, again wrapped with strips of cloth (we have fabric in rolls) as paper towels.

Then, the top pulled nylon golf.

I decided to start with the tail on each feather had to make three different sizes of wire

then covered with wire connected the three together, wrapped around the thread, then the floral tape

Feathers did two colors of crimson and blue.

Start to fix the feathers, first sewed them, and then you are ready to preform goes quickly, but they quickly came to an end.

Sew around the neck blue nylon, gray on the trunk

of the body made of more dark-gray and gray-white feathers

on this picture tail ready and started flank.

But our finished lower legs.

It looked like the top foot in the process.

These are complete.

For the legs and wings to make such feathers.

Plans for the wings.

Cut the fabric and glue long feathers at first then a smaller one.

Ready wings.

Gradually attach ..... back doing light green, blue neck.

To do such tuft wire.

Then connect them together and passed through a cloth and stick them on the back side and put down.

That's the way it looks on the head.

The reverse side neck.



Some more pictures of nature.

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